WHS Logistics is a 4PL control tower that takes care of the total supply chain process, offering a so-called “one-stop-shop” concept for its customers. The organization offers the most optimal supply chain solution, allows visibility and transparency, creates efficiency, optimizes supply chains and develops new logistic concepts. The full transparent control tower includes services like procurement, planning, execution, invoicing, analysis, quality assurance and optimization tools. WHS constantly focusses on innovative solutions, in order to let the industry stay focused on their core business.

WHS Logistics has a global reach with a focus on the raw material flows arriving in all main ports & hubs in Europe and transported to factories in the European hinterland. With over 800+ active partners in liquid bulk, dry bulk and packed goods, WHS Logistic’s large supplier network lies at the core of its value proposition. The team of more than 25 logistic engineers spread over 3 locations, who have an in-depth knowledge of the industry, customer requirements and legal constraints, tackle all logistical challenges to completely relieve our customers of their logistical burdens. In addition to assuring the seamless operation of the daily business, WHS Logistics also develops and implements new logistical concepts with its partners like drop-swap, modal shifts and yard management and continually drives for supply chain improvements through, for example, payload optimisation initiatives and spot market tendering.

WHS Logistics believes that in order to evolve with our customers and stay ahead of the competition, they must invest in next generation IT infrastructure. Accordingly WHS has a dedicated team of software developers working around the clock to build new functionalities for the custom-made ‘Freight Management System’ which forms the backbone of the control tower. WHS Logistics has developed an automated tender tool that allows large tenders of thousands of lanes to be executed, managed and analysed. The new and fresh carrier portal forms the interface with our suppliers through which they post updates and their invoicing is managed. In addition, WHS Logistics has rolled-out an intuitive yard management tool allowing complete transparency over the load-out process through visual management. Dynamic customer dashboards, telematics and APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling) are all in the pipeline for development.

The figure below illustrates the reach, goal and benefits of a control tower. WHS Logistics focuses with its 4PL control tower on the first mile and middle mile of the supply chain, distributing raw materials to factories across Europe. Whilst the focus of WHS is on first mile and middle mile, WHS Logistics also has the means and partners to facilitate final mile solutions where desired. In all our solutions we strive for customer intimacy, supply chain excellence and revenue growth by achieving maximum visibility over the supply chain.

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