Welcome to WHS Logistics

WHS Logistics is a joint venture between Wilmar Europe and H&S Logistic Services. Wilmar is Asia’s market leader in the field of agricultural raw materials (e.g. palm oil) and is part of one of the largest companies listed on the Singapore stock exchange. Combined with the expertise of H&S Group, WHS Logistics is a control tower that facilitates major suppliers and customers by delivering best-in-class supply chain solutions. With Wilmar’s strengths, scalability and global presence, the joint venture WHS provides a strong platform for delivering logistic excellence to the global market.

From the start of Wilmar in Europe there was a strategic partnership between H&S and Wilmar. H&S organized the outbound logistics, initially from the plant in Rotterdam, but also over the years from all the Wilmar plants. The growth of Wilmar into different markets gave H&S the opportunity to grow along. Due to this strong growth H&S and Wilmar decided to join the forces more strongly ending up in this joint venture.

WHS Logistics operates completely independently from the other divisions within H&S Group and Wilmar in order to guarantee neutrality for all customers. The strength of the WHS Logistics 4PL control tower lies in its ability to enable economies of scale through vertical and horizontal integration. Accordingly all systems and processes have been designed and configured to assure customers complete confidentiality whilst reaping the benefits of visibility and intelligence across the market.

WHS embodies the shared values of the Wilmar and H&S organizations:
Excellence: We strive to be the best in every aspect of our business, using the highest possible standards to deliver great products and services
Passion: We go the extra mile for our Customers and for the growth of our Company
Innovation: We embrace ideation and allocate resources to innovate and improve our products and processes
Teamwork: We work as one team to achieve our business goals

About H&S Group

H&S Group has been the perfect logistic service provider for tailor-made logistic solutions since 1946. The company aims to relieve its customers of their logistic burdens. As Europe's largest intermodal logistic service provider, H&S Group organises, processes and transports liquid foodstuff in bulk.

H&S Group originated in the Netherlands as a family business that transported milk. Over the years, as it grew, the company adapted to market developments and customer needs. The result? A pan-European network of privately owned and subcontracted vehicles, more than 1,500 tank units for the liquid foodstuff industry, cleaning stations, chilled, frozen and ambient storage, and juice-processing facilities. All in all, H&S Group has more than 70 years of experience in transporting, processing and organising liquid foodstuff throughout Europe.

H&S believes safe food requires the highest level of perfection and an end-to-end approach to supply chain management. That is why they offer not only logistic execution support (transportation, juice & liquid processing, cold storage & warehousing, and cleaning), but also logistic intelligence services (3PL/4PL procurement, financial and IT support, and network design & optimisation). With H&S Group’s industry experience, dedicated logistic experts and intelligent 24/7 supporting systems, they continuously improve your logistics


About Wilmar

Wilmar International Limited, founded in 1991 and headquartered in Singapore, is today Asia’s leading agribusiness group. Wilmar is ranked amongst the largest listed companies by market capitalisation on the Singapore Exchange.

Wilmar’s business activities include oil palm cultivation, oilseed crushing, edible oil refining, sugar milling and refining, specialty fat, oleochemical, biodiesel and fertiliser manufacturing and grain processing. At the core of Wilmar’s strategy is a resilient integrated agribusiness model that encompasses the entire value chain of the agricultural commodity processing business, from origination and processing to branding, merchandising and distribution of a wide range of agricultural products. It has over 500 manufacturing plants and an extensive distribution network covering China, India, Indonesia and some 50 other countries. The Group is backed by a multinational workforce of about 92,000 people.

Wilmar’s portfolio of high quality processed agricultural products is the preferred choice of the food manufacturing industry, as well as the industrial and consumer food businesses. Its consumer-packed products occupy a leading share in its targeted markets. Through scale, integration and the logistical advantages of its business model, Wilmar is able to extract margins at every step of the value chain, thereby reaping operational synergies and cost efficiencies. Wilmar remains a firm advocate of sustainable growth and is committed to its role as a responsible corporate citizen.